I am fond of this book sereis. There were too many dogs and dog-lovers gracing its pages, and an over abundance of human intimacy for my taste. Honestly, there should have been more me in it, but overall I liked the books and recommend them. - Juneau



It's very exciting and scary at times. I just wanted everyone safe and out of danger. It's an angst-ridden series. - Jet



They didn't have any pictures. Why didn't they have any pictures? - Abbey



This book series is ace. A lovely read, just lovely. Excited for the next one. - Tanner

Lisa Hollingshead -  

I  love this series. I always enjoy the animals "talking" and I love the adventures​ that they get into. But my absolute favorite is Lenny. He is  hilarious. The only thing I dislike about the series is waiting for the  next one to come out. Great book!!!!

 5.0 out of 5 stars = A Suspenseful and Entertaining Read.

By Karen Perkins 

Lilli Lea has given me the greatest gift an author can give a reader – a whole new genre to explore and enjoy.

Alanna  is psychic, and can talk to and understand animals, and together they  solve murder – with great theatrics, plenty of humor, and a deep-seated  desire to do right. Throw in a steamy romance, some Norse mythology and  complicated families, and you have all the right ingredients for a  suspenseful and entertaining read.

The real gem in Lilli Lea’s  books, though, is her understanding and characterization of the animals.  They are so well-rounded, appropriate and believable – especially the  Machiavellian and rather scary cat, Juneau – that I half expect  next-door’s cats to start talking!